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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rainy Days

I know we need the rain, I always say it would be nice though if the rain only occured while those of us that work at the Farmers Market were already packed and outta there!
The trick is to keep everything dry, which I can do as long as the wind isn't bad. I'll usually do my "condensed" set up, where I try to make my set up as narrow as possible so it's nowhere near the exposed edges of the tent.
I also make sure I have my warm socks and leg warmers (I get more teasing about that but guess what, I'm gonna be warm!) and hand warmers, those are my must haves for rainy weather, oh and my warm hat too.
People wise, you never know what kind of day you'll have. The staunch folks that support the Markets year round will come out. I thanked a man for coming out one day and he first said "no thank YOU for coming out" and then added "well I have to eat!" and that's the thing I really love, not just a fashionable thing to support the Farmers Market, it's really a commitment to do the best you can to "support local" and therefore the envirnment and all that good stuff!
So I'll be in Concord today, I hope to see you! You can always run between the drops :-)

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