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Monday, November 11, 2013

Jack of All Trades Oakland Part 2

I had so much fun Saturday, I took a couple of pix for you. I was in a different spot this time, by the boats, really a gorgeous spot! In fact it's just a couple spaces down from where my son and I stood when we did the Jack London Farmers Market ages ago. Here's what was behind me
We also had Fashion Trucks, ever see those? They are like a store on wheels! I wasn't that close but I thought it was a cool idea!
And of course we also had a few food trucks! I loved the name of this one!
I was next to some really nice people that had these gorgeous hangings from Haiti and I horse-traded for a small piece! I had a lot of fun and hope they continue the event after next month. So for now December 14th is the last one, I can hardly wait to go again!

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