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Monday, September 9, 2019

Studio Tour Part 1

So we moved in July, what a crazy month THAT was! Anyhow, it's a much larger house and it comes with a huge basement for me to work in! The studio is actually divided into 2 parts, the former garage is where I do shipping, restocking and curing, I will share that today, and in part 2, I will show the basement, or, where the magic happens!

So, here we go!

The sideboard holds my hard working printer and all the binders full of label masters. You see the lil washi tape carousle too. The drawers have shipping supplies like tissue paper etc. The little pink drawers has all the bubble wrap, already sliced into 3" wide strips to wrap around the soap for online orders.
I have 3 bakers racks, the other one is full of all things lavender, these have come in handy over the years, especially when verticle space is all you have! 
My work table where I put the orders together. Up above, to the right is where I have the little kraft envelopes for smaller orders and also a wicker swan that holds the flat rate padded envelopes. 
My clock! His eyes and tail move and I couldn't resist Felix!
This was a bread rack in a grocery store once upon a time, it's perfect for my shipping boxes. You see Chica on the top step waiting to go in, and Murray the cat is just supervising. You know they are ready to go in when they sit that close to the door to inside! 
The Rabbit hole is the name of my studio, it's a very magical place for me. More on  that next week! Thank you for looking!