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Sunday, November 20, 2011

little comforts

You guys know how I hate to be cold, that's why I wear my ever-so-fashionable leg warmers when it's cold out! So anyhow I have these sweaters a friend gave me long time ago that are very warm, a cream one, lavender, pink and hunter green. I wear them a lot when it's cold like it is now. So anyhow, the green one is my fave and I've been missing it and my son said he thought he'd seen it in the office closet, I never even go in there (sorta like the kitchen!) and I looked this morning and there it was! I'm pretty sure I heard angels singing as I opened the closet! So I will be a little warmer and happier at my cold/rainy Market today!

Hope you all get to stay warm, after you've supported your favorite Farmers Market folks of course, they'll be there!

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