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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playing with color

I don't as a rule do anything with color in the Goat Milk Soaps, there are natural colors you can use in the form of clays, Micas that are mineral pigments, many made in the lab, as well as oxides and FD & C colorants. (that stands for Food, Drug and Cosemetics) There are colorants made to be in soap, it can be tricky because the pH of the soap can have an effect on the colorant turning it into something other than what you are trying to achieve.
I'm working on a limited edition soap, and I used Mica's in it. As I mentioned many are not stable and Micas do better in glycerine soap where the light can bounce off and you can see the sparkle.
So here's a picture of what I made this morning, the difference in the color is very slight, I am not even sure if you can see it in the picture. I can hardly wait to slice it tomorrow and see how the mica looks in the soap. I'll post pictures then and tell you about the technique I used.

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