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Saturday, June 29, 2013


Signage is one of those BIG ones. You're trying to build a brand, so you want to differentiate between you and the other folks that do something simillar (even though we KNOW yours is better!). So having great signage that gives them your name, a website is a good thing, or even one that just invites them to have a closer look is helpful. There's also the signage that informs folks about what they're looking at, tells them the features and benefits and of course the price. Sometimes when I'm busy with folks, other folks will come in and I acknowledge them (that's HUGE!!) and then let them look around and the signage really helps. In one of the pictures you can't really make out what's being shown, the one with all the soaps. I've made up a little sign that says "with Shea Butter" and there's bright yellow paper and it sorts of points the way for those that are really into Shea. It's much easier than saying "well, it's in that one, that one.." :-) I also have my sign that points out that some of the soaps have matching Soy Candles, they might now realize that if they didn't see the sign. I also have the Facebook Sign on there, it's an easy way of getting new fans, then they can follow your sales/special offers/see what you're up to! (have that info on your biz cards too, then they have something to take with them) Most of the banners, I have had done at small print shops, however you can have them made just about everywhere, Staples, Vista Print etc. Bear in mind that the standard tent is 10 feet wide, so you'll want to try and get close to that. The shops are pretty willing to help you design too, so don't let that stop you. (at least I have always worked with nice people that way) If you have a means of accepting credit cards, make sure they are aware of that, with a big 'ol honkin' sign! Once they know you take credit cards, there's no stopping them and it really will impact your sales! Let me know if you think of any questions on the topic, but do get those signs, they don't have to be expensive either, just something to help get your point across!

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