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Friday, June 20, 2014

Secret Feather Swirl - Pride Feather

I love the way this came out, wasn't sure if it would, I don't usually work with as many as 7 colors. I wish the violet would have stayed violet rather than gray, but I'm pretty happy with the result for a first attempt. It's called a "Secret Feather Swirl" and my feather is in support of my many friends, showing some PRIDE here! Here's what I did to "customize" the mold, cut some dividers from a gently used postage box (gotta re-use!)
Then there's the 7 colors, these were added to the "batter" at the right time, man what a mess this was!
And at last, the result
I think I would do this again, but maybe do a couple less colors, it wanted to set up really fast despite the fact that I used my well-behaving Sundance scent. To my soaper friends, do give this a try, it's fun! (but messy!)

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