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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Supporting Local

You know, it's so important to keep local dollars in the local community as much as possible, and even more than that, when you're self employed, you realize how much your purchases truly support other businesses. I am SO thankful for the customers that have supported US over the years. I feel like that old Bartles and Jaymes commercial,.....remember that? "We thank you for your support" But it's true! I think you really want to do your part to support those companies that have done a great job in product or service for you. That's just talking about for the business, not even mentioning the impact shopping locally has on the environment, so it's a good thing all the way around. One of our wholesale customers, Diablo Foods in Lafayette, actually has a little sign on the shelf to let folks know they are purchasing a local product.
Support those businesses that you like, and please tell a friend, a little word of mouth goes a long way!

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