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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Table Arrangement

I have a few different configurations of how I set my table up at Market, some places, like Concord, there's a granite table within my booth, so I really have one way to go, straigh across. This arrangement has it's advantages, mainly in that people can see everything you have, it's not hiding around a corner, and they can smell the fragrant soap as they walk by, thats always a good thing. The picture was taken today (with my phone) at the Pleasanton Farmers Market and you can see what that arrangement looks like.
Another set up I use is the "L", where folks do need to come more under the tent, and while most folks don't mind and find it cozy, some folks seem to feel a little trapped, although, it seems like those are the same ones that you say "Good morning" to and they don't answer you, they fear you will grab them by the ankles and force them to by soap! We hardly EVER do that! :-) If you know me you know I am about as low pressure as it gets! Just saying hello, nothing more sinister than that! But most people don't mind that set up, it will usually allow you more table space too, the straight across one will only allow you as wide as your tent is, ten feet in my case.
The ways you can configure the tables is only limited by your imagination, but of course the object is to create an environment where yous customers will feel comfortable and come to see you often!

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