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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Inception of a new product

When I get inspired to make a new product, the inspiration can come from anywhere, our Ginger Lime soap was inspired by dinner at a local Mexican restaurant! Ginger Lime with Avocado oil! 
The shaving bar was actually something that came to me at Market one day, why don't we have a round shaving bar with clay? It's amazing for shaving ( provides "slip/slide" factor ) since we always recommend our Murray or Casablanca soaps  ( with pink Kaolin Clay ) for guys
 that want a shave bar! 
So after the initial idea, research happens, what other things would be beneficial for the skin for a shave bar, so we decided to use Bentonite Clay, that's a great one for a shave bar, we also decided that Chamomile Extract would be great as it's known to soothe irritated skin that can be caused by shaving.  We thought a nice bright citrus would be great so scented it with Orange, Tangerine and Grapefruit.  Once I had my recipe figured out I went on to designing the label, as you can see above. 
So I've made the initial batch, just waiting for it to cure so it can come to Market. I'll also list it on my website when the time comes. 
So that's basically the process for a new product! 

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