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Friday, July 21, 2017


So usually when I"m working, I like to listen to music, Pandora actually, and I have a bunch of my own personalized stations that I listen to. However, I just stared listening to Podcasts! Have you discovered them yet?
Podcasts come in all sorts of formats and they are in about any subject you can imagine! Today I was listening to one called "the Moth" which features great stories. I also like to listen to a lot of them on the topic of Handmade Business, my fave being "Dear Handmade Life" which features Delilah and Nicole talking about all kinds of handmade biz info, and they always start off with a drink they've discovered, feels like you're hanging out with your girlfriends!
There are different ways to get to the podcasts, I have an android phone so went to the the Google Play store and looked for Stitcher, downloaded that and then started listening! Give it a go, lots of cool stuff to listen to! Do you have a fave podcast?

1 comment:

  1. Love podcast - also listen to talks on hay house and other places daily.... learning is awesome! Thanks for sharing that app.