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Monday, January 22, 2018

DIY Impression Mat for Soap ( part 1 )

So I have been using impression mats for ages, I usually get the silicone ones made for fondant (cake or candy use) They are gorgeous but not cheap! I love the way the soap picks  up all the intricate details, like this. you can also put some colored  soap "batter" into the impressions with a spatula for another pretty effect.
I have wanted to try my hand at making my own for ages, but was actually a little intimidated, I mean it's an expensive experiment of you mess it up! I finally got brave and ordered the two part silicone mix from Brambleberry. 
You can purchase additional information on how to mix the 2 part silicone from Brambleberry, it's more for doing a 3 dimensional mold rather than a flat impression mat, but I would recommend you get the additional instructions, it helps the (dreaded!) math that you will need to get the solution in the right proportions.
You'll want to use something with some texture for your mat, I used a vinyl table runner and cut it to size, this one came from eBay.

Once you have it all mixed, you'll want to do a nice job taping the lace to the bottom of the mold, if you don't do a good job the silicone will go under and you'll make a mess! Here it is all poured, I used the soap mold as my "box" since that's the exact size it will need to be. By the way, it really doesn't smell bad, I was expecting it to be bad! I also wasn't sure what to expect as far as the texture of the wet silicone, it actually reminded me of marshmallow cream, do they even still make that? 
I also used a level, otherwise you'll end up with a mat that's way thicker on one side that the other. We live in a cottage that was built in the late 40's and as with most older places, it has settled with time, so have I for that matter! 
After it's made, you'll need to let it cure for 24 hours, then, hold your breath and unmold it! Next installment will be how mine turned out and what I would do differently. Stay tuned!

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