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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


If's difficult to tell you where to find a mentor. I was very lucky when I first started doing the Farmers Market and was very new at business in general, one of the vendors there took me under his wing and I learned so much from him, I still do and in fact now I've been at this long enough that we now discuss things together and it's nice to see that he respects my opinion on things. When I was very new to doing Markets, I had no idea which ones would be a good fit, he recommended the Pleasanton Market and was right, it was a great fit. In finding a mentor, they will save you a lot of wasted time, you can glean alot of knowledge from their experience. I hate wasting energy and not really accomplishing things "spinning your wheels" as they say.
There is an organization that is made up of retired professionals called
S C O R E and I understand they offer some great services to help you along.
I hope you find someone that takes you under wing as well, soon you'll be flying on your own!

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