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Saturday, July 23, 2011


My project of the week, will be to make a sign frame like the one shown. Thanks to the folks at Alhambra Pears and Beef for their kind permission to copy their design.(check them out some time, they have incredible stuff!) It's a frame that will hang on the front of the tent, up high, but face the people walking by, the ones not already facing the tent, so you can see it from a distance since it sticks out that way. I love that the frame is mostly made from PVC pipe, I already use that stuff for my weights (My sweetie made those for me) and my table legs to make them higher. I just love the design of this, it's the best I've seen, so after I get that made, I'll have a banner made in vinyl, it will last longer that way. I hope you can see the details, I took it with my phone!

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