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Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year Goals

For myself, I don't really do new years resolutions, I try my best every day, I don't always accomplish what I'm going for, but when I do, it's a great feeling to be a good little monkey!
The thing I WILL do though, is set goals, this is good for folks in business or not. I set monetary goals, as well as other things for the business.
The thing with a goal is, you can't just say "I'm gonna make $xxx this year" you have to make a goal in something measureable, you have to set a time frame, forsee possible obstacles and figure out what you'll do if you run into them, your Plan B. You also have to write it down, you wouldn't believe how much power that has in it. Then,just be commited to it and watch it happen. My goal for this year was to have my best year in sales, and even though I had one less Farmers Market for 5 months, I still accomplished that. There's something really satisfying in accomplishing your goals.
SO have you decided what your goals will be yet?

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