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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shipping to Canada

So I put on my big-girl panties and said I'd ship some of the items in my Etsy shop to "Canadia" (Canada). I got a sale sure enough and in my mind it was going to be this big fat hairy deal to get it shipped, boy was I wrong!
They paid through PayPal and when you do the shipping label, it prints out this part where you declare what it is, then you take it to the Post Office because they have to watch you sign the bottom of the form, that's it! Pretty easy.
It was a different experience for me to stand in line because I always just do the label at home and drop it by the lobby and am done with it. I know you can also schedule for the Mail Carrier to pick it up the next day too, free of charge, but I like to get the orders out as soon as possible.
So if you've been thinking about shipping to Canadia from the U.S., give it a try, not so scary!

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