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Monday, September 23, 2013

This is the event I'll be doing in Oakland for the next 3 months on the second Saturday of the month. I'll miss my Pleasanton peeps but SO looking forward to the event!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Special Event

You guys know I never miss Market unless there's pretty severe weather, I really hate to miss Market and so I seldom do! There is however an event in Oakland that I will be doing the second Saturday of Oct - December that sounds like a lot of fun! It's called the Jack of All Trades Oakland and will be at Jack London Square. It's put on by the same folks that do the Treasure Island Flea and it looks like they know how to do an event! We used to do that Market years ago, I remember the time fondly, my son was still pretty young and he used to come with me, we would share a burrito from Donna's Tamales and then get some Pierogies for the ride home. I have to say I am so enjoying the journey this company has led me through. Anyhoooo, that's the latest!

Monday, September 2, 2013


This was such a fun soap to do. It was inspired by some chats I have most Sunday's with a customer at my Martinez Market. He loves old movies too and we always chat about them. One day I was thinking how cool it would be to do a soap in homage to Film Noir! That's what this soap is about, so it's got black and grey in it. The scent came from an episode of Frasier! I was watching and he says "now to try my new soap, it's sandalwood with just a touch of clove"! I said "that's IT!" I wanted something smokey for the scent and that's it! It wont be ready for another week yet and its a small batch but I really loved the concept, start to finish, what do you think?