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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

October 27th, 2019

I'm still getting questions about that day and my account of it, so here you go...

It was a crazy weather day, huge winds. Some Farmers Markets closed, as well as the Treasure Island Flea. Many places had no power, due to the high winds, PG&E cut off a lot of power in the area. In retrospect,  I should have stayed home, winds that high are just not safe.

So, on that day, we had a lot of kids and parents running around,  it was the day of the Trick or Trunk for the kids for Halloween.  Luckily, it was set up mostly on either end of the market, so there weren't as many kids in the area as in years past. It made it a little extra concerning though.

So at 10:15 that morning, this HUGE wind came and took down this Willow tree that was right next to my tent. The tree was 25 to 30 feet high. ( they have since removed all 3 of the trees flanking the Plaza)

So when it went down, it landed on some folks, I've heard 6 to 9 people were taken away in an ambulance and we were unable to get a follow up to learn how everyone was. There was a 12 year old that had a broken ankle. We were very lucky it wasn't much worse, it could have been. When people heard where the tree was, a rumor started that I had been taken away in an ambulance too!

Here's the thing I have always loved about the Martinez Farmers Market; there is such a strong feeling of community,  almost like family. So when the tree fell, of course there was screaming, and there was this HUGE group of people that ran over to help, it didn't even take a heartbeat! They moved the tree off the people, it was amazing!

As for me, I was fine. I have this wonderful old tent, Ted, and he's quite heavy, made of steel. He's kept me safe from the weather for the last 19 years. (I was doing markets about a year before I got him). Anyhow, he kept me from harm that day as well. The tree hit the right rear of the tent when it fell, if you look closely at the picture you can see he's a lowrider in the back, but he was still standing! I'm convinced that had he been one of the newer aluminum tents, I would have been squashed flat like a little tortilla! He needed a leg and 3 support bars replaced, and my friend Michael did that for me. He's also the manager of the Martinez Farmers Market and was able to control some of the pandemonium and made sure to keep the crowd out of the street so the emergency vehicles could get through.
A special thank you to the first responders, the amazing community of Martinez, and Michael for everything they did that day. I will never forget it. there were also a lot of fires going on that day, they were evacuating Crockett and we live in Rodeo so I didn't know if we would be next! What a day!
My beloved Ted now sports a pink top ( he's secure in his masculinity! ) as it matches the banner better.
Hard to see but there's one badly bent leg and you can see some of the broken rods too
Ted rides again! 
The purple thing hanging down is the pool noodle I wrap the big banner around when I'm not at market. 

I am very happy it wasn't much worse, and that Ted is OK too. I have been having a bit of almost PTSD when the winds come up now, but I'm sure it will pass.