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Friday, July 5, 2019

Celebrate Hercules 4th of July

Yesterday I had the privilege of vending at the Hercules celebrate 4th of July. I liked that the vendors were so diverse, from chalk kits, to bridal shops to stun devices to soap!
The event was held at a beautiful park called Refugio Valley Park, it was just gorgeous and I have no doubt the folks that live there are pretty proud of it.
The thing that was most cool about the event was the very nature of the event, a way to honor the Veterans (who had a section of seats reserved for them) as well as having the color guard and every piece of patriotic music there was! They had a Run for the Kids and adults and it was really well organized. The most amazing thing was that it was done by a group of volunteers who did it all out of love, no one was paid for the hard

work they put in.
A special thanks goes out to Dee and her husband for all their hard work. Thank you for letting me share along with your community.