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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


To the right, under my banner, is a cool widget you can click to pledge buying Handmade this Holiday Season. I pledged, join me!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Vintage Coolness

So the picture is of my new flag holder, it's easier to use than the one we built with PVC pipe, much less combersome. So here's the cool part, it's actually made to stick in your lawn with the flag hanging from that, a friend had one that was welded across the prongs as mine is, now. I didn't know anyone that did welding that could do that for me so my sweet husband called around and found this place in Brentwood that could do it for me. Kirk's Welding on Brentwood blvd. So while he was welding it for me, I was looking around and said that he was sort of a modern day Blacksmith, and he said that's what the building was originally! I just thought that was SO cool, that the building still got to do what it had been used for all these decades later! He did great work too and understood what I wanted with only a quick explanation, that's so rare too! I just thought it was so cool to see that!