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Thursday, August 18, 2016


So one of the most cool things about being a small business, as my folks would say, is you can "turn on a dime". That means I can change packaging, design, products or anything else pretty easily.( See a new product pictured)  Being small I get instant feed-back from my customers too, and they WILL let me know what they think! That's a good thing, I am making these for my customers to enjoy so I want to get it right.

The thing I am tweaking a bit at the moment is my business model. I have focused so much these last few years on online sales, and I will continue to do that, additionally, I am going to work on obtaining more wholesale accounts, as I have in the past. I feel like I can reach folks that maybe might not find me any other way.

Another thing that's cool about being small, is I can do this from anywhere, which is a good thing as we will be relocating soon!

Small is a good thing!