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Monday, September 21, 2015

Dogs 4 Diabetics

There is this REALLY great organization that I support and I hope you will join me. They are Dogs4Diabetics, they train and place Medical Assist Diabetic Alert Dogs with folks with insulin dependant diabetes. The dogs are scent trained to recognize chemical changes in the blood sugar. It's amazing the things that animals can do, I feel like we haven't even begun to tap into it!
Here's their website and their Facebook page is . I hope you will take a peek and help them in this very worthwhile work.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


So all of us crazy soapmakers know that morph happens! It can be the gorgeous fragrance blend that smells like heaven when you make it, but just shy of a cat box when it's added to soap! Or, it can be the color, which will totally do its own thing! Below are two batches of Floracita, usually it's shades of pink, yellow and green. You will see the good one as well as the one where the color completely went its own way! They way to get around this is knowing which colorants will work, and which suppliers have colors that don't morph! Lesson learned on that one! It still smells fantastic! (lily/honeysuckle/neroli)