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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another reason to shop local

I went to get donuts this morning, I frequently do on Monday mornings, and am greeted by Sarah, the lady that owns the donut shop. We always chat for a minute about our businesses and it's always nice to see her. So as I was leaving, this young man came in, Sarah greeted him by name, and he excitedly told her "Sarah, this is the day that I go off to school" and I hear them chatting, I imagine that she has the same kind of experiences with her customers that I have with mine, it's not just buying donuts, or soap, it's about building relationships with the folks we see day to day. You get that with a small shop, as opposed to the big corporate type store where you never get the same employee helping you twice. I had to smile to myself, thinking how she has probably watched the young man grow up, and heard about baseball games, his first car and those kind of things.
I am so happy that I am in the kind of business where I get to share a little bit of myself, and get to know my customers, I think it's very special.

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