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Friday, September 16, 2011


No picture for this post, I didn't want to embarass anyone!
I was looking at soap on Etsy the other night, and I know you've heard this before if you sell on-line, pictures are everything! The only thing your customers have to go by is the picture, they can't touch or smell what you're offering.
The level of professionalism you use, is critical! Some of the soap SOUNDED ok by the description, but I just couldn't get past the rustic look of some of the soap there. Not that there's anything wrong with rustic, I just feel better knowing that my soap didn't come from Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies! Not that I purchase a lot of soap to begin with, but I love to see what everyone else is doing.
Remember to do your products justice, that's all your customers have to go on.

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