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Sunday, September 4, 2011


If you're an artisan selling on either Etsy or Artfire, there is a cool means of promotion available to you, A Treasury (Etsy) or a Collection (Artfire).
These are both curated by members of Etsy and Artfire, you can put togther a collection of your own and it's a great way of promoting other artisans. Note that Etsy (unless this has recently changed) doesn't allow you to include any of your own listings in the Treasury, whereas Artfire is fine with it. With either of these, you have a chance of your collection being selected for the Front Page, that means tons of views for everyone in your Collection/Treasury. Additionally, each person featured will Tweet/Facebook/Blog and otherwise promote the Collection, so there's a lot of chance for promotion. Lastly, the people featured may also remember you and feature YOU in one of THEIR Collections.
All in all it's a FREE easy way to promote yourself and others!

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