Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bakery Racks

After the soap is made it has to cure, the moisture evaporates out and the bar gets harder. I have at least a batch of soap curing at any given time, ideally more than that since I fly through it. I have a few things I use to cure the soap on, and when you have 30+ varieties of soap it has to be organized in such a way that you can easily see what's there. You can see from the picture that I am in dire need of Tahitian Vanilla. I have plenty in my Market Stock, so don't worry if you have a craving for that blend of vanilla, coconut and a hint of rum! Anyhow, I have two wooden racks that we use and four bakery racks, it all works! I love the bakery racks because they are quite deep and use verticle space and they easily roll if you need to move them around. The important thing is to find a ststem that works for you! :-)

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