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Friday, September 30, 2011

Two More Venues

There are so many on-line selling venues you just wouldn't believe it! It 's amazing to me the differences in the way they do things. One of them, looked good until you read the small print: they pay you after they get their money, make you wait some time for yours, yet you were expected to send the goods to the customer right away. That's not cool! Then there was another that looked good, was supposed to be free, however they wanted your credit card before you could open a store, why? Needless to say I didn't hang around to see why!
I did find a couple that I thought were pretty good, one is Addoway ( and I liked the way they were organized, and the other Storenvy I REALLY liked. ( I liked that they had all the bells and whistles that you normally have to pay for, and I really liked that they are Google Analytics enabled, so you can see your actual traffic.
I guess the take away from this post is knowing there are oodles of venues out there, just make sure to read all the small print first!

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