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Monday, August 15, 2011

Credit Cards

Here's a cool thing; when you accept credit cards, particularly in person, you will hear this "oh you take credit cards, so I can stock up" which of course is music to your ears! Here are a couple of options for you, of course there are others as well.
This one is pretty neat but wont work with my phone, it's called the "Square" and is this tiny little square plastic card reader, they can send you the reader free and the app looks really clean for it too. The fee is very tiny and I understand that there is no contract. You can check it out by going to Http:// (I'd totally go for that but am not ready to give up my Blackberry!)
I have used Http:// for ages and have been very happy with it. I think the square is the less expensive way to go, but this works out for me. I don't have a card reader so I use the old fashioned "knuckle buster" (you can get them on eBay and they can make the little plate for you with your shop name) and then run the cards through when I get home. The option with this that I like too is that with the plan I have, I get a Mastercard and the funds go in that automatically or I can transfer them to my checking account.
There are other choices but that will get you started. Do look into it, it will help your business grow!

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