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Thursday, August 4, 2011

My City (some of them)

I get to go to the Conference on Friday (more on that after I attend!) and it's in San Francisco. We lived there when I was a kid, twice in fact and I just have to love the place, such history, there's nowhere like it in the world. A friend of mine once showed me a picture of this big city and I remarked at how flat it was, and she explained that most cities ARE flat, that's why SF is so famous. Being native to the Bay Area, I thought everywhere was like that!
I also count Oakland as one of my cities, I lived there a long time and it does have it's beauty, I love the old homes there.
Alameda will always be a special place, I love to go there and am instantly re-bonded to it. A part of me will always remain there.
Last but not least is Antioch. I've been here since '87, raised my kids here and have done a lot of living here. The downtown is my favorite part, having lived on 7th street for so long, that's where Delta Moon Soapworks got its start. Funny how you can sort of have a relationship with a city. Oh and Martinez, almost forgot, have never lived there, but it's one of my favorite places to be too! How about you?

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