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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Every Biz has to at some point

raise prices. I only do it once a year and I always agonize about doing it, I know how expensive things are for everyone. Things keep going up and it's one of those things where I absorb the costs myself as long as I can, however, when you're in business there are only a few choices:
--Absorb the costs (losing money)
--Raise prices (staying at a more even keel)
--Quit altogether! We know that last one isn't a real option, not for me, I love making soap!

I really agonize over doing it, although I know I need to. Months ago a 50# box of coconut oil was $65 now it's $93.50 and I have to drive to Oakland to get it, so you see, there's just no choice!

Things like that make it a challenge, but it comes with the territory!

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