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Monday, October 17, 2011

"Contactless Transactions"

This actually has nothing to do with business per se, more about your own credit card if it happens to have the "quick pass" or "Blink" logo on the back of it. The deal is that it's there to be convenient, it's so you can basically flash the card in front of a reader, it's quicker plus you don't have to give the card to the employee prcessing the transaction. Alot of people are concerned about Identity theft with these as card readers are readily available. A customer at the Farmers Market yesterday and I were talking about these cards, she was saying how there was a chip in the card to make all of that available, and she was concerned about getting rid of the chip when the card was expired, should it land in the wrong hands. Here's what I learned: There's a chip in there, refered to as RFID which stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The information encoded is your name, card number and expiration. The chip in the card used alone wont really help a thief as the expiration date is embedded in the card.
The thing really is that you have to be careful with your card regardless of if it's RFID equipped or not, is sad that you have to be so careful, but with Identity Theft so rampant, do be cognicent of it!

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