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Friday, October 28, 2011

Venue Updates

So I know you're dying to know how it's going. Slowly. Artfire is still doing decently, I haven't had much going on with Shopify, Shoply or Bonanza. eBay however I have had some stuff going on, interesting huh?
The thing with eBay is that folks that do Handmade get into this thing "well it's so expensive to list yada yada" but really, if you pay attention it isn't. You can sign up for the newsletter to learn when they have one cent listings or other promotions, like the one going now; 5o free listings. Of course there are requirements to meet/restrictions, you'd expect that.
The thing I really DO like about eBay, is that 1) it's VERY visable, people know what it is and b)they have the most awesome sales reports.
I don't know if you'll decide to go that way, but I do encourage you to at least give it a look. If you're trying to "grow your brand", it's definately worth a look.

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