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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rainy Days and Sundays

I am always at my Farmers Market whenever I can be, I enjoy it so, however, the exception is a rainy day that is stormy, where I can't protect the soap from the wind and rain. Just rain isn't a big deal, the tent does a pretty good job of keeping us dry. The wind is another thing altogether, it send streams of wet everywhere!
The thing about missing a Market, on those rare accaisions, is that it's SO decadent! My most favorite day to miss is Sunday. I love to read the SF Chronicle, have my coffee and lounge on the couch, surrounded by my cats. Later in the day I"ll usually find an old movie that I've seen a million times yet still can't resist, like the Ghost and Mrs Muir, Casablanca or something more modern like the Poseidin Adventure or Jaws, or the Shining, not that those are really new, they are just NEWER than the 1940's. I will usually spend a little time in the Studio too, it will make my Manic Monday a little less daunting too.
I guess those days are like "snow days". Found time is SO precious. So Rainy days and Sundays have their special place too!

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